Exchange service of PaidBD offers a Cumulative discount program to our registered clients for all exchange rates. All the website owner or facebook group admin or any kind of team admin are eligible for this service. For this discount promotion you have to obey some few rules! 

1) You have to be a owner of a exchanger or buy-sell website.

2) Or you have to be a admin of facebook group which is related of buy-sell or exchange service and group member 5k required.

3)  Or you have to be a teacher or manager from an institution which is related outsourcing or freelancing learning center.

#:) Supper offer: All of the PaidBD user who want to buy or exchange upper $300 of any gateway currency 

Site administration reserves the right to make changes in the rules of the program. 

To become our Client take simple registration.

Re-seller Can Purchase

Payment Gateway Extra-Discount
Minimum Transaction
Skrill   1% $300
Neteller   1.50% $300
Perfect Money   1.50% $500
Payeer  0.50% $300
WebMoney   1% $300
Paypal 1% (FNF Payment) $500
Payoneer 1% $500
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